ISIS Takes Nine Innocent People And Executes Every One Of Them In Cold Blood

ISIS just took nine innocent people and executed all of them in cold blood. This just shows how demonic and satanic these people are. These people are absolute satan worshippers. Here is the video:



If you watch the video, you will see a calculated message at the end using special effects to their advantage to evoke a response. We must remember that the enemy of our enemy is not automatically our friend. We cannot let the administration use this evil as a reason to accommodate a treaty with Iran.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

The demon allah has many worshipers. What is common amongst them are two things -- they have all willfully submitted to its power, and they are all themselves possessed by sub-demons.

And yet 0bungler insists, and repeatedly insists, that the God of islam is the same as that of Christianity. Can a greater lie be told?


Paul Middleton
9 years ago

The networks won’t discuss Islam, jihad or sharia candidly. They won’t have critical voices to inform their audiences about the gravest threat to freedom. Instead, they have vile haters spewing anti-American poison. Freedom crushers who won’t/are scared to discuss ISIS and its ilk, the most brutal and savage ideology on the face of the earth.