Follow the Bricks

Manhatten, NY

Kansas City, KS

Dallas, TX

Fayetteville, NC



The old saying about “follow the money” has been replaced by follow the bricks. It appears there is a coordinated effort nationwide to ensure that the protests turn violent by prepositioning bricks. Does anyone think these drop off are being unnoticed by law enforcement and the local “leaders”?

So who is directing the useful idiots?

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

Cameras on all the buildings Mr. Officer?

1 year ago

Just another example of how the GOVERNMENT is Allowing these Riots to occur. Urban areas are filled with ‘security cameras’ that are continuously recorded. License Plates and Faces of those who are pre-positioning Bricks, travelling to and from the sites of the Violence, the Buses that are hired to take ‘protesters’ to the ‘events’, ALL of this is Recorded by the ‘government’. If THEY wanted to Stop the Violence, it wouldn’t take more than 24 Hours for all the key (((people))) to be Arrested. That they are Not, proves that the ‘government’ is using the Violence for ITS OWN political motives.