For your pre-war consideration…A peek into the Twilight Zone

War is coming… Here is a prediction of the possible Timeline and rationale –

* NDAA in place to manage in-theater prisoners and homefront dissidents – done

* National Defense Resource Preparedness E/O – done

* FED/Skynet commodity control begins on April 1st, will buffer economic impact – done

* Dispatch covert pre-entry forces to surveil and prepare targets – done

* Blame rising gas prices on enemy threats of “closing the straits” – in process

* High probability that we will see additional evidence of preparation in coming days…perfect puzzle-pieces dropping into place are your confidence-check for the coming event

Now project forward:

* Look for something to happen April 6~10th (coincidence with Passover/Easter weekend?!?) which paints Iran as the bad guy to buy public opinion

* New moon for April is on the 21st, so April 20th thru 23rd is best time to begin air strikes

* Equity markets go sideways and plunge in a series of flash-crashes which drive everyone into bonds and physical assets, small guys and slow movers get left holding an empty bag – 21Apr – 15May

* Gas prices spike in advance and in excess of crude cost spike to pay back the financiers and insiders 21Apr-June

* Strong-arm coalition (NATO plus ??) quickly forged to “share responsibility”, really to drag as many other broke nations in as possible – May – June

* Coalition forces activated and on deployment (not able to defend home fronts) – end of June

* Equity Markets do a dead-cat bounce on leading edge of inflationary bubble – many investors dive back into equities – week after 4th of July

* Real commodity shortages begin – July

* Massive inflation plus shortages/rationing of fuel, food, etc. cause large scale unrest in first world – mid-July onwards

* Crime soars, US and EU police departments nationalized and prepared for a shock-and-awe homefront campaign – late July

* Equity Markets crash and burn, under cover of headlines about war and inflation, most citizens will lose their life savings in market and bank collapses – early August

* US and EU streets fill with protesters and rioters from every faction, lawlessness becomes the new normal – August

* Cascading declarations of martial law across EU and US – August ~ October

* Massive “appointment” of Technocratic leadership across the developed world under claims that “streamlined administration” is the only means of survival – October / early November

* New world order achieved before 2012 election

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9 years ago

we need to save this post and see how accurate the assessment is

9 years ago

Interesting timing on your post, LT.

This evening, Glenn Beck discussed the similarity between the name of a book from 1942 and a recent video involving the POTUS …

The Road We Are Traveling“, Stuart Chase -- 1942, presented the path for transformation of the US according to the vision of the Fabian Socialist Revolution (which began in earnest in 1933 with the imposition of the Welfare State):

1. Strong, centralized government.

2. Powerful Executive at the expense of Congress and the Judicial.

3. Government controlled banking, credit and securities exchange.

4. Government control over employment.

5. Unemployment insurance, old age pensions.

6. Universal medical care, food and housing programs.

7. Access to unlimited government borrowing.

8. A government managed monetary system.

9. Government control over all foreign trade.

10. Government control over natural energy sources, transportation and agricultural production.

11. Government regulation of labor.

12. Youth camps devoted to health discipline, community service and ideological teaching consistent with those of the authorities.

13. Heavy progressive taxation and hidden taxes on nations wealth.

A video “THE ROAD we’ve TRAVELED” is now posted on the Obama-Biden campaign site: (strange capitalization, no?).

Glenns’ assessment can be summarized as: the transformation is now complete and there is no pain-free path back to Liberty.

So, LT, do you have additional source info that you can share regarding your prediction of 21 April -- 15 May ??

Dan Mastrosimone
9 years ago

How about these predictions, or should I say prophesies: Matthew 24th chapter-“v5, many will come on the basis of my name, saying I am the Christ and will mislead many, v6-wars and reports of wars, but the end is not yet. v7-nation will rise against nation,and food shortages, and earthquakes in one place after another.ect. v21-for then there will be great tribulation such as has not occurred since the worlds beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. v22-In fact unless those days were cut short no flesh would be saved;but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.” Just read the whole chapter and you will see what is ahead.

9 years ago
Reply to  LT

If the third refinery closes in Philadelphia in August due to EPA regulatory guidelines, that will be the fourth refinery to close this year (one refinery in the Virgin Islands). This will be a 50% reduction in the production of the gasoline supply for the East Coast of the United States. Based on the above mentioned article, the economy and diminished refining capacity, I could make a strong case that war and probably civil war (caused by civil unrest manipulated by the administration’s Cloward-Piven strategy) will be coming to a street near you prior to the election. I am only voicing what many are thinking.

9 years ago
Reply to  LT

Or we may living in God’s punishment as outlined in “The Harbinger”.

8 years ago


I would assume that all of the exercises going on around the country are being used to lull the population into accepting that these things go on normally………even though they don’t. This is typical of military actions, as you well know. First get the population used to the presence and actions of the military and then go in under this ruse and perform the real action that they want to do. Normal action, “Oh, we are just having a training exercise in this area, and the authorities are well aware of what we are doing.” However, then the armed forces do it with live ammunition so they can “keep things under control just in case there are protests.” It’s just a thought for your perusal……..and a normal procedure for the military.


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