Four Greatest Kinetic Threats to Preppers


This article outlines what I see as the four greatest kinetic threats to preppers.  By kinetic, I mean physical threats of force.  This list doesn’t include dehydration, starvation, illness or natural disasters.

1. Your neighbors.  Not only are your neighbors your greatest counterintelligence threat – that is, the threat that will turn you in for owning stockpiles of weapons or food – but they’re also your greatest physical threat.  We’re already seeing a concerted effort by government to identify ‘preppers’ and gun owners.  I imagine a day will come where it could be illegal to stockpile anything.  Your neighbors likely know, if they don’t know you personally, what you have or may have, and if turning you in meant their survival, then they’re the critical threat living beside you.  Secondly, if we experience a SHTF event that brought the grid down, or stopped the transportation of fuel or food, then not only are your neighbors in the greatest proximity but they also may be in the greatest need.  For all the talk of the Golden Hordes (not to diminish that threat), your neighbors are potentially the most dangerous because they know the terrain and could most easily band together to create a more imminent and dangerous threat.


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