Four More Arrests from Occupy Asheville – Occupy Raleigh Is Not Keeping Up

Asheville Police Department arrests four Occupy Asheville participants

The Asheville Police Department arrested four Occupy Asheville participants on Nov. 5. for alleged actions on Nov. 2.

According to warrants from the Buncombe County Magistrate’s Office, Natalie Nicolay, Lisa Landis, Joseph Bacanskas and Terry Whittey all face charges of resisting public officers, impeding traffic, unlawful assembly. Whittey faces an additional charge of wearing a mask in public. The warrants were issued Nov. 4. The four were arrested this afternoon, and released on a written promise to appear.

On Nov. 2, Occupy Asheville protesters held a march from Lexington Avenue to the Vance Monument, followed by a vigil. During the march, some protesters refused police instructions to remain on the sidewalk, though no arrests were made during the march and the APD departed once demonstrators reached the monument. Later, after the park’s 10 p.m. curfew, 24 protesters refused to leave the area around the monument, and were arrested.

Occupy Asheville released the following statement on the arrests last night:


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