Fox News Caves to Islam

For the second week, Fox has not aired Judge Pirro’s Justice. When the supposed news source for the right censors free speech and the truth, it is obvious that the 1st Amendment is limited in this country. Or to be blunt, propaganda is the approved news in the land of the “free”.

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David DeGerolamo

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a follower
a follower
2 years ago

So what should be the take away?
We have a right to our free speech and yet there are ramifications for jumping to conclusions and judgement? Especially when in an employer and employee type role?
We holler about free speech and yet there are guidelines even on most blogs?

2 years ago

This should come as no surprise. About 5 years ago A MUSLIM bought 30% of FOX News. I have been waiting for this to happen. We all need to pay attention to who buys what. Follow the money!