Fran Porretto: From The “Cui Bono?” Department

This morning, Dinesh D’Souza, whose intellect is significant if not quite sufficient to penetrate his partisanry, talks about “Section 230,” the fabled protection of “common carriers” against liability for what’s said over them:

  D’Souza’s comments irritated me for the reason expressed in the title of this piece. Specifically, he noted that when the Republicans had the presidency and majorities in both houses of Congress, they did nothing about Section 230. Oh, they passed a few comments about it, but actual legislative action? Naah. Too much like work!

     That was the story of the Trump years generally. It’s why so much of what Trump achieved is crumbling: he did nearly all of it through executive orders, and what one executive orders, the next can disorder. He got nearly no legislative support from “his” party.Why Not?

     Come on, Gentle Reader! You know the answer. It’s the two endlessly interconvertible assets of American politics:

  1. Power,
  2. Money.


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1 month ago

I won’t argue Trump’s responsibility here; he was the president. Yet the vast responsibility belongs to Congress. The very Congress which sought to impeach President Trump at least twice although some have said as many as four attempts.
As far as E.Os being ‘disordered’ by the next guy, not so fast. Didn’t the Supreme Court decide that President Trump, acting as president!, could not undo certain E.O.s of O’vomit? Yes, it more than seems that the Judicial was also set against the president, the courts actively denied the president. This was keenly seen during the immediate aftermath of the fraudulent election but what we saw was only more of the same.
I do not intend this as apologist for Trump but rather to say that we have ample evidence that has shown the entire government is infected by those who have overthrown the government. This in itself is a capitol crime so severe as it demands death of the perpetrators. But the condition is those who would condemn the malfeasant are themselves in on it. Indeed, the corruption is so great that it is become boorish to simply say this is about money and power. Of course it is! Yet it is far more sinister than that.

1 month ago
Reply to  Rick

Dear reader, my paragraph breaks have vanished after I posted. Sorry ’bout that.