Francis Fox Piven: “We have not seen a protest movement with this much imagination, energy and traction for a long time.”

As coauthor of the Coward-Piven strategy, Frances Fox Piven is still determined to undermine and destroy the government of the United States. The following video and statement from her latest article still show her to be an unrepentant terrorist from the 60s. Which means she is in good company with the president’s advisors and handlers.

David DeGerolamo

Occupy! and Make Them Do It

Thanks to the lunacy that has overtaken the GOP, Obama is in a good position to win re-election. But he is vulnerable to an escalating Occupy movement. In particular, minority, young and poor new voters are volatile voters, and they are susceptible to the appeals of Occupy. I, for one, hope the movement forces Obama to pay for its support, in desperately needed economic, political and environmental reforms.


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