Francis Porretto: Peak Lunacy Department

We have arrived at a moment when making a gathering less diverse, according to the dictionary definition of that word is characterized as defending diversity:

     Video out of Arizona State University on Thursday shows a pair of black activists ordering two white students to leave a “multicultural” center for being white.

     “You’re white!” one of the female black activists screamed at two white ASU students who were quietly studying. “Do you understand what a multicultural space– it means you’re not being centered!”

     “This white man thinks he can take up our space… he thinks he can get away with this!” one of the activists said.

     The activists, who are both students at ASU, accused the white students of “violence” for having a “Police Lives Matter” sticker on one of their laptops and mocked the idea that “diversity” includes being inclusive of white people.

     After one of the white students who got kicked out of the venue said they were making the multicultural space less “diverse,” the black activists burst out laughing, saying “oh wow, so diversity is about about including more white people?!”

     “Oh yeah! Diversity is now about including white men!” another activist laughed.

     Yes, this incident is a couple of days in the past, and other commentators have already dripped sarcasm over it. The lunacy of it is too obvious to require a Certified Galactic Intellect to tease it apart for the Gentle Readers of Liberty’s Torch. However, it’s important to note such incidents and to ask what the reactions would be like with, as we chessplayers like to say, “colors reversed:”


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Otis D
Otis D
1 month ago

same as the argument over the homosexual acceptance agenda.

first it’s acceptance then it’s reverence. they all along sought to be overlords and you’re a hater if you don’t go along.


1 month ago

Ship them all back to Mother Africa.

Not So Free
Not So Free
29 days ago

They wouldn’t last a week. There would be no one there to coddle them.

Jack McAdoo
1 month ago

sacks of bovine fecal matter, each and every one of them as they do not understand what “diversity” means…look it up dummies if you can read.

Mae Bee
Mae Bee
28 days ago

Soooooooo many thoughts on this -- can you imagine? Read my mind…