Free Intelligence Webinar – Tuesday, 07 October


by Sam Culper III

I’ll be doing a free hour-long webinar on Intelligence on Tuesday, 7 October through Summer of Survival.  In this webinar, I’ll be stating the case that all preppers and patriots have the tools available to begin collecting and analyzing intelligence, and we’ll discuss some strategies on how to implement intelligence into your preparations.  This webinar is geared towards preppers, but will contain valuable information for anyone interested in learning more about Intelligence.

DO NOT be that guy who had an opportunity to learn about intelligence and threat analysis but chose not to.  DO NOT be that guy who fails to provide a critical piece of your security picture because you didn’t know.  Your wife and kids are not going to want to hear your excuses because you have poor security and no intelligence game.

It’s easy to sign up, and completely free.  I’m not selling anything, and I’m not asking you to buy anything.  It’s simply a way that I can share my love for Intelligence with our community.  It will last around an hour, and there’ll even be a Q&A session where you can ask me questions and get immediate answers.

Learn more about the webinar here:


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