“Get Out! – Go Get a Warrant!” – Business Owners in Buffalo, New York Stand Up to Cuomo’s Covid Orders, Kick Out Sheriff and “Health Inspector”

Business owners in Buffalo, New York fed up with Cuomo’s authoritarian Covid lockdown orders asserted their Constitutional rights and kicked out sheriffs and “health inspectors” on Friday night.

50 business owners gathered inside of a shuttered gym in Buffalo, New York Friday night when two sheriffs and a so-called ‘health inspector’ showed up to harass the group in response to an “anonymous tip.”

See the article here…

Oh, this is good. Enjoy!

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10 months ago

That is a damn good start.

10 months ago

This is what needs to happen all over America. Stand up for Our Freedoms. No one has the power to make you wear a face mask, Remember the more we give,The more they will Take. The only thing that America needs,is MEN to be Men.