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Many DC area office buildings are still largely empty

One year after the outbreak of the coronavirus, many D.C. area office buildings are still far from back to pre-pandemic occupancy of workers.

Falls Church, Virginia-based Kastle Systems, whose security entry systems are used by hundreds of buildings in the D.C. region, has been tracking building entries based on security key card and fob access, and its weekly Back to Work Barometer report says the average occupancy rate in buildings it secures in the D.C. metro was just 22.1% as of the week of March 3.


h/t A Sleeping Giant

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2 months ago

The larger percentage of Fed workers are tele-commuting and this isn’t just in DC.
The ‘FBI building’ is empty because they relocated into several different states. Junior Journalist should do some research, but then again, it’s TicTok and he’s probably 14. ROFL

2 months ago
Reply to  Bricky

The MSM said its open? The MSM said the protests were mostly peaceful.

2 months ago

The Exodus from the Swamp by the Gestapo and other non-Constitutional ‘agencies’ has been Ongoing since at least the 1990’s under the ‘continuity of government’ program. Hundreds of “Alternate Facilities” for every agency have been constructed all over the Country, many of them ‘Fortified’ to some extent, and All with backup Power and Water Systems.
The coronascam has just been a convenient excuse to ‘activate’ this plan to disperse the bureaucracy.

Problem (for them) Is, it puts more soft targets ‘In Range’ of the Deplorables.

Do You Know who works in that new ‘Office Building’ in your AO, that has no Sign in front of it?