Glenn Beck: ‘I’ve lost faith,’ time to ‘surrender’

At one point during his program, the host got down on his hands and knees on the floor of his Texas studio with a U.S. flag, as if he were trying to rescue a dying Lady Liberty.

“America is hemorrhaging. And some of us have seen the hemorrhaging,” he said. “And we grab a coat or a blanket and we’re down on, and we’re on the ground, and what do you do? Every time you push something onto the wound to stop the bleeding,” he said, acting like he was applying pressure to a bleeding patient.

“If you’ve seen this in a movie, where there’s a body bleeding to death, what do they do? They’re like gurgling. That’s what America’s doing right now! She’s down on the ground, she gurgling, we’ve got our hand on the wound, some of us!” he exclaimed, continuing to act out the rescue scene: “Stay with me. Talk to me. Don’t close your eyes; don’t go to sleep. Wake up! Stay with me!”

“When it gets to that part of the movie, that person usually dies,” he said. “Their eyes are rolling in the back of their heads. In our case, Lady Liberty in critical condition. But it doesn’t have to end that way.”


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8 years ago

A disingenuous, anti-Confederate. Screw him.