Governor Walker Makes Massive Announcement Restricting Welfare


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed off on a new administrative rule Tuesday that will require drug testing for welfare recipients starting next week.

The rule was written by the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families and requires testing for “certain able-bodied adults” receiving welfare benefits — such as food stamps, unemployment insurance, or job training — to pass a drug test, according to The Capital Times.

Walker said in a statement, “Our 2015-17 State Budget implements common-sense reforms that put in place drug screening, testing, and treatment mechanisms, so we can continue strengthening Wisconsin’s workforce.

Employers across the state frequently tell me they have good-paying jobs available in high-demand fields, but need their workers to be drug-free. These important entitlement reforms will help more people find family-supporting jobs, moving them from government dependence to true independence.

At least 13 states have passed provisions similar to Wisconsin’s, according to the National Conference of States Legislatures. They are: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah.


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Average Joe
Average Joe
6 years ago

I expect the problem will be what to do with those who test positive. If one is expecting for prosecution(s) it will be a rather long wait.

Tom Angle
6 years ago
Reply to  Average Joe

I got $10 that says nothing will really be done. I bet someone knows/is related to someone that owns a drug testing company.