GRNC Alert 1-20-2013: Gunshow Accident Used to Push Anti-Gun Agenda

Demonstrates Anti-Gun Bias

The negligent discharge of a shotgun while being uncased Saturday at the Dixie Gun and Knife show at the fair grounds in Raleigh has made national news, and is being cynically used to fuel arguments against private party gun show sales.

Accidents Happen at Events of All Types
Perhaps we should thank the media for laying bare their anti-gun agenda: According to the Centers for Disease Control(1), accidental deaths in the United States for the most recent year tabulated include: 35,332 by motor vehicle, 33,041 by poisoning, 26,009 by falls, 3,782 by drowning, and only 606 by firearms — and it’s a safe bet that few if any of those were at gun shows. Given that more than six times as many people accidentally drown than die by gun accident, a truly unbiased media would report the hazards of water sports rather than gun shows.


Points to Keep in Mind:

1. These are minor injuries of the sort that get zero attention when it is a broken leg at a ski slope or horse show;

2. They are accidents, not intentional attacks, again indicating exploitation on the part of the media;

3. Gun owners need to stop politicians and their media conspirators from exploiting accidental mishaps in the agenda to register private gun sales with the FBI via NICS.

NC Department of Agriculture Officials Break State Law

The accident also prompted local officials of the NC Dept. of Agriculture and Consumer Services that oversee the venue to hastily ban private party sales – in convenient support of the Obama/Biden/Feinstein gun ban agenda. Selective banning of private party sales is also a measure that clearly exceeds authority of Dept. of Agriculture officials, and violates North Carolina General Statute §14409.40, “Statewide uniformity of local regulation”. This regulation states, in part:

“(d) No county or municipality, by zoning or other ordinance, shall regulate in any manner firearms shows with regulations more stringent than those applying to shows of other types of items.”

What this means is that gun shows may not be regulated any differently than any other type of show that is allowed to use the same facilities. In other words, if Dept. of Agriculture wants to ban private party sales at gun shows, they would have to ban virtually every other type of private sale from the property – including concessions at the State Fair. State law prevents treating gun shows any differently than agricultural events.


  • CONTACT NORTH CAROLINA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND CONSUMER SERVICES (  NCDA&CS): Tell them that minor injuries occur at all types of organized activities, and that gun shows cannot by law be treated differently.
  • SIGN THE “STOP THE GUN BAN” PETITION: Go to: Whether or not you have already signed it, forward this to others and tell them to sign it too.
  • SUPPORT GRNC: Thanks to your generosity, GRNC continues to gain strength, but we will need more to fight the looming ban. If you have already contributed, please tell others to go to


EMAIL NCDA&CS Commissioner Steve


Suggested subject: Gun show private sales ban is illegal

Dear Commissioner Troxler:

Media and politicians have seized upon recent gun show accidents as an opportunity to push the draconian “Obama Gun Ban” agenda that includes elimination of private party firearms sales.

Your staff has become an activity part of this effort by prohibiting private sales at the Raleigh Fair Grounds.

You should be advised that State Law prohibits the treatment of gun shows differently than other events that occur at the Fair Grounds. Thus, if your Department is to ban sales between private parties at gun shows, it must also ban all such transactions – for example at the State Fair.

I urge you to keep politics out of the Fair Grounds and to comply with North Carolina General Statute §14409.40, “Statewide uniformity of local regulation”.

I will be watching progress of this issue through Grass Roots North Carolina alerts.


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