GRNC Alert 4-22-13: Help get pro-gun bill HB 937 moving in the NC House!

It has much of what we need!

No, it isn’t perfect, but it is pretty good. This bill will get us badly needed restaurant carry, clean-up state-wide uniformity on parks carry to eliminate abuse by anti-gun municipalities, and will allow employees with permits to keep handguns locked in cars while working at higher education facilities.

Yes, we want more, such as storage at work for everyone, but this represents progress in the direction of freedom.

Currently HB 937 resides in House Judiciary Subcommittee A. We need to get it passed out of committee and onto the House floor where it can be voted on. This needs to occur soon because the Senate will also have to act on it before it is passed.


  • Contact members of House Judiciary Subcommittee A.

  • Urge them to move HB 937, “Amend Various Firearms Laws” to the floor for a vote.

  • Join or contribute to GRNC. Help us help you defend your Second amendment rights. Click HERE or go to: 

Contact Information

Copy and paste email addresses for House Judiciary Committee A:,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Suggested Subject: ” Move HB 937, “Amend Various Firearms Laws”

Dear House Judiciary Subcommittee Member:

HB 937, “Amend Various Firearms Laws” is a good bill that deserves your support. It will clean-up state-wide uniformity clarifying where citizens with concealed handgun permits may legally defend themselves and their families.

Note that this bill importantly includes language that will prevent rogue municipalities from violating state law that allows carry in parks, including greenways and walking trails.

I urge you to move this legislation to the House floor without delay.

I will be watching progress through Grass Roots North Carolina alerts.


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Ron Mann
Ron Mann
8 years ago

I currently live in Louisiana and am moving to NC this summer. I have to tell you that I am appalled at the restrictive gun laws this state will STILL have after passing this bill! I can carry everywhere except the courthouse, jails, police stations and full bars and anywhere that posts against carrying (may they go out of business fast!). That’s it. Why do you all tolerate this??? A supreme court decision has made your vehicle an extension of your home-so carrying any way you want in your car is protected. I look forward to helping to change these restrictive laws even further until the intent of the Second Amendment is realized. Tempus Fugit!