GRNC Alert 6-10-12: Act Now to Move Restaurant Carry

HB 111 now resides in the Senate finance committee…

Time is getting short, and if this critical bill doesn’t move soon there is a chance it will die in committee. We have worked too hard for too long to allow this to happen.

Please send the reminder – or one of your own – shown below to your Senator.  This is ESPECIALLY important if your Senator is on the Senate Finance Committee.  Let them know that you want them to use their power to get Restaurant Carry (HB 111) to the Senate floor for passage.

Immediate Action Required

Email YOUR Senator.


Deliver This Message

Suggested Subject: Act Now to Move Restaurant Carry

Dear Senator:

Forty-four other states already have some form of restaurant carry. It is past time for North Carolina to join this group. Restaurants see more than their share of violent crime, and law-abiding citizens have a right to protect themselves and their families everywhere within our state.

As my Senator I respectfully ask that you do all in your power to move HB 111 to the Senate floor for a vote.

I will be following progress through Grass Roots North Carolina alerts.


A Concerned North Carolina Voter

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