GRNC Alert 9-22-13: Your Pressure Pushes Municipalities Into Compliance

Thanks to YOUR response to GRNC alerts…

GRNC has set-up a webpage to help you report violations: go HERE or to

Due to coordinated pressure applied by freedom-loving NC gun owners, NC cities and counties are bringing municipal codes in-line with state law following success of HB937, the omnibus gun rights bill that will become effective October 1.

Victory in the East

Your pressure on Pitt County Commissioners resulted in elimination of confusing park-wide bans proposed by anti-gun staff; only the few restrictions permitted by state law were adopted. Despite the fact these bans were scheduled for “under-the-radar” votes to avoid public input, vigilant GRNC supporters identified the threat in time for it to be neutralized. Please follow this excellent example and closely monitor your local government for possible bans of expanded carry authorized by state law.

Perhaps learning from Pitt County’s experience, the City of Greenville also voted on revised regulations that appear to comply with state law.

There seems to be some consistent effort on the part of anti-gun local-government leaders to ignore the fact that handguns may be legally stored in locked containers in vehicles parked on educational property. Is this a coordinated attack possibly orchestrated by the North Carolina League of Municipalities? The provision for vehicle storage is missing from their memorandum covering the new law. Watch carefully for this type of apparent willful misinterpretation in your area.

Success in the West

The Macon County Board of Education, that had recently proposed enacting a “policy” to defy state law and not allow handguns to be stored in locked containers within vehicles, has been advised by the school system’s attorney, John Henning Jr, to “drop the idea”.

According to Mr. Henning, the Board of Education has been “inundated” with letters over the issue – from YOU! Citing influence of GRNC (described by the Asheville Citizen Times as “The powerful gun rights group”) Henning is reportedly concerned about the school system being sued for intentionally violating state law. Henning said, “There isn’t any desire on the part of Macon County Schools to be the test case. I clearly do not want to waltz them into litigation.”


Your pressure as part of GRNC has clearly been felt and responded to, but the fight isn’t over yet. The Macon County Board of Education has yet to agree to accept their attorney’s advice. They will meet at 6 pm this Monday at Highlands School to vote on the issue, so keep ‘inundating’ them with input until they comply. Local gun owners should plan to attend the meeting, as described below.

Winston-Salem moves to comply…

Winston-Salem gun owners should feel satisfaction at successfully dragging their City Council kicking and screaming into compliance with state law. There remains a small issue regarding storage in parking lots to be resolved, but greenway and park carry now appears in-line. These changes were decided in a Meeting held Monday, September 16th.

During this meeting, City Councilors were clear in their hostility toward state-wide uniformity implemented by HB937. Also clear was their lack of understanding of the scope of the Second Amendment, which was claimed to not protect carry outside of the home. The “home” issue may temporarily remain restricted in places like Washington DC, our violence capitol, but was resolved for NC in the GRNC-sponsored Bateman vs Perdue case that rescinded bans outside the home and during declared states of emergency.

The Winston-Salem Council’s sophomoric response to state law is perhaps best illustrated by their attempts to recruit anti-gun property owners who have granted right-of-way for greenways. Their stated goal is to convince these grantors to object to carry over their property, creating a patchwork of bans intended to frustrate lawful carry. What the City fails to understand is that property owners waived rights to such objections by granting the right-of-way. Undoubtedly there will be more grasping of straws to deny Second Amendment rights on the part of malcontented Winston-Salem leaders. Gun owners must remain vigilant. The GRNC lawsuit against Winston-Salem will remain active until the City becomes fully compliant with the law.

Restaurant Carry becomes legal October 1! 

Carry in restaurants and venues charging admission, including movie theaters, becomes legal October 1. Gun owners across the State are planning to celebrate with “dinner and a movie”.

Please remain watchful for anti-gun posting that inevitably will be pushed by anti-freedom organizations. Gun owners are encouraged to report posted venues and restaurants using the GRNC webform HERE or at Also, please obtain a supply of restaurant report cards available on the GRNC website. Note that a typo on the original issue has been corrected and revised cards are now available.


  • CONTACT MACON COUNTY SCHOOLS BOARD VIA EMAIL. Tell them complying with state law is advisable.

  • ATTEND THE COMMISSIONERS’ MEETING THIS MONDAY. The meeting will be held 6 pm at Highlands School, 545 Pierson Dr Highlands, NC 28741, (828) 526-2147. Ask to speak, if possible.

  • CONTRIBUTE TO CURRENT THE CURRENT MUNICIPAL LAWSUIT: Although this lawsuit involves Winston-Salem, understand that it will chart the course for actions by local governments around the state. It’s success will impact all municipalities. Help it succeed by making a tax deductible contribution by CLICKING HERE or going to:

  • REPORT LOCAL GOVERNMENTS VIOLATING THE LAW: GRNC has set up a reporting form accessible by CLICKING HERE or going to: but please bear in mind that our volunteers can’t cover 100 counties, meaning it is likelyyou will be asked to act as a local coordinator for actions taken against local governments. YOU are the driving force that has expanded freedom in our State since 1995!

Contact Information

Use the cut-and-paste email list below:;;;;;


Dear Macon County School Board Member:

As a law-abiding North Carolina gun owner I am disappointed to learn of your lack of support for state law and the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

The ability of those with concealed handgun permits to keep handguns locked in vehicles eliminates the problem of disarming citizens while dropping students off, and while traveling to and from schools.

By your attempt to violate state law, you threaten to render law-abiding gun owners defenseless. This is a violation of Second Amendment rights.

I hope that you will reconsider your position, and will choose to comply with this commonsense and freedom-promoting state law.


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