For some time now, Speaker Thom Tillis has been assuring the gun owners of North Carolina that a concurrence vote on HB 937 will be held “next week.” Well, next week has already come and gone a couple of times, and the House has yet to hold the vote. What are they waiting for?

True, the powerful North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) has applied substantial political pressure on the House membership in order to remove the pistol purchase permit repeal from HB 937. The NCSA fears the loss of the old-fashioned pistol permit system, which provides Sheriffs with all of the power and ever-increasing mounds of cash. However, North Carolinians elected the House members to represent the citizenry, not to represent the NCSA. The time is long overdue for Speaker Tillis to shrug off the pressure being applied by the NCSA, and serve the people who made his Speakership possible.

At this stage, HB 937 cannot be amended. The House must give it an up or down concurrence vote. If they vote not to concur, differences must be resolved by a conference committee, where any weakening changes are possible.

Speaker Tillis can, and ought to, bring HB 937 to the floor for a concurrence vote as soon as possible. Make no mistake: failure to bring forward HB 937 for a vote during this session is an anti-gun move. The Speaker and the House members must do this, and they must do it now. Anything less would be an affront to the law-abiding, gun-owning voters of North Carolina.


  • CALL & EMAIL YOUR HOUSE REP: Have them tell NC House Speaker Thom Tillis that he should listen to millions of NC gun owners instead of the NCSA by bringing HB 937 forward for a vote, and SUPPORTING CONCURRENCE. Find your House rep by CLICKING HERE or going to:
  • EMAIL ALL NC HOUSE REPUBLICANS: Tell them you will not wait any longer, and “next week” is too far away. Tell them that you expect them to vote for concurrence. If they vote against concurrence and HB 937 is weakened in conference committee, THEY WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE. If they want the best and safest course of action, THEY SHOULD VOTE TO CONCUR. To email House Republicans, use the copy-and-paste email list below and either the suggested message or one of your own.
  • CALL SPEAKER THOM TILLIS: 919-733-3451. Tell the Speaker that allowing the current legislative session to end without a concurrence vote on HB 937 would be unacceptable, and it would be considered an anti-gun action. Tell him that you insist on a vote, and that he should encourage his colleagues to VOTE FOR CONCURRENCE. The Speaker’s actions on this matter will be taken into consideration during any future campaigns.

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Suggested Subject: “No More Stalling on HB 937 Concurrence Vote”

Honorable Members of the North Carolina House:

The time for a concurrence vote on HB 937 is long overdue. North Carolina gun owners have been waiting years for our state’s gun laws to be modernized, and we are way too close to achieving this goal to stop now. This is not the time to acquiesce to the pressure being applied by the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association. Rather, it’s time to do what your constituents have sent you to Raleigh to do. I insist that HB 937 receive a vote during this session, and I strongly urge you to vote for concurrence. The clock is ticking, and as a gun-owning voter, I expect a vote on HB 937 before the session ends.

I will be closely monitoring this matter via Grass Roots North Carolina.


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