GRNC Alert: Stop Bloomberg by Showing Up Tuesday

The handful of “Moms Demand Action for Gunsense” activists hired by Bloomberg in North Carolina to attack our gun rights plan to protest pro-freedom House Bill 562 this coming Tuesday, June 2nd, in the Capitol building. If you show up for anything, you need to attend our counter protest on Tuesday!

As you know, HB562 is an omnibus pro-gun rights bill that, among other things, will finally rid our state of one of the last vestiges of an unpleasant Jim Crow past: the antiquated pistol permit system.

It isn’t surprising that repressive politicians like Bloomberg want to maintain discriminatory and anti-freedom laws. But Bloomberg is particularly dangerous given billions at his disposal to wield as a weapon intending to deprive every American of Second Amendment rights.

Bloomberg is currently spending hundreds of thousands on TV ads to kill HB562, falsely claiming it “abolishes” background checks.

GRNC Responds

In response, GRNC initiated its “Michael Bloomberg doesn’t speak for me” radio ad campaign featuring real North Carolina mothers who oppose Bloomberg and support HB 562. We kicked off the campaign with a press conference heavily covered by national media which can be seen on GRNC’s home page at, at which North Carolina women stood before the world to declare: “I’m a North Carolina Mom, and Michael Bloomberg doesn’t speak for me!”


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