GRNC Alert: We Win! Omnibus Legislation Signed into Law


Governor Pat McCrory signed the GRNC-backed Omnibus Gun Legislation House Bill 562 into law yesterday. We want to thank Governor McCrory for signing this bill, as well as NC Representatives Jacqueline Shaffer (R-105); Justin Burr (R-67); George Cleveland (R-14); as well as Senator Jeff Tarte (R-41) for their efforts in getting this bill passed with the strongest language possible. Most of all, we’d like to thank you for your support of GRNC. Without you, we cannot continue to our tireless work to defend your 2nd Amendment rights.

Among the victories for gun owners in North Carolina:

  • Expanded campus carry (and giving an affirmative defense for defensive gun use on campus)
  • Reduced penalties for carriage onto posted premises Expanded sport shooting range protection
  • Reductions in arbitrary permit denials for both concealed handgun permits and pistol purchase permits while reducing the number of disqualifying prior offenses for those permits
  • A new cause of action against local governments which violate our statewide firearms preemption law
  • A requirement for sheriffs to sign Form 4s for qualified Title II applicants
  • A provision for legal resident aliens to get concealed handgun permits Short-barreled rifle hunting in addition to the suppressor hunting passed in 2013

Full text of the bill is available by clicking this link.


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5 years ago

Victory? Sort of. You can now commit all kinds of crimes, wait three years, and get your CC. But if you’re a veteran, then you’re held to a different standard, still. At least you can be a foreigner allowed to live here, and get your CC though. Just not a veteran with an imperfect discharge. Thanks GRNC! Way to look out for the people looking out…