GRNC Notice 4-3-14: Anti-gun Activist to Brainwash at UNCC

“Progressive” lawyer Vincent DeMarco to spread Maryland Leftism in NC…

A “Community Organizer” responsible for pushing gun control legislation and tax increases in his home state of Maryland has been booked to talk liberal, anti-gun strategy during a “National Public Health Week” event at UNCC.

The talk entitled, “Transforming Public Will into Political Power” will introduce the “six step template” DeMarco used to bully legislators into passing laws to restrict freedom of Marylanders (not that Maryland anti-gun politicians need much prompting to attack rights).

Of course the goal of the program is to recruit leftist activists to attack the rights of North Carolinians, something that cannot be tolerated. We need to help him understand that Maryland gun control is not welcome in a free state like North Carolina, and attempts to corrupt our students are unacceptable.

DeMarco’s presentation will be made this coming Monday, April 7th at 4 pm, in the UNCC Student Union Theater. Let’s show-up and help him understand freedom, not government, reigns in NC.


Contact Information

Email Don Pomeroy at to coordinate and most effectively create a GRNC presence at this event.

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