GRNC-PVF Alert 10-20-13: Showdown In Morrisville!

Showdown In Morrisville!

Morrisville City Council meets October 22nd to decide your fate as gun owners…

Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe is once again attempting to circumvent your rights as gun owners with yet another town council meeting to discuss recent changes to state law. In a recent article found in The Cary News, Mayor Holcombe is again calling for more restrictions for law-abiding Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP) holders, despite recent advances in law which took effect on October 1st.

This latest attempt on the part of Mayor Holcombe follows a distinct pattern of previous anti-Second Amendment endeavors. In 2012, she became a useful political appendage of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his disturbing Mayors Against Illegal Guns group (MAIG) first by trying to work around the expansion of gun rights brought by HB650 when signed into law, and then by attempting to strong-arm private businesses such as Gander Mountain into “doing their part” by “discontinuing sales of semi-automatic rifles and high capacity ammunition magazines.” within their Morrisville location. Even worse, she was a featured speaker at the failed MAIG “No More Names” tour in June when the band of bothersome mayors came to Raleigh by bus!

Mayor Holcombe has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for Michael Bloomberg and his campaign against the second amendment and obviously will not stop pushing his agenda here in our own backyard. We need a strong showing at the Morrisville Town Council meeting on Tuesday evening, and we need a strong showing at the polls when early voting begins for the Morrisville elections.

Make plans to attend the Morrisville Town Council meeting!

We need your help in letting MAIG and Mayor Holcombe know that their brand of anti-Second Amendment activism has no place in North Carolina. Residents of Morrisville and the immediate surrounding area will have their chance to counter this latest barrage of attacks against their rights at a scheduled Morrisville Town Council meeting on October 22nd. It is imperative that you attend this meeting to voice your concerns about this recurring problem whether you are a town resident or not. If you live within 30 minutes of Morrisville and can be there, we need your help!

  • What: Morrisville Town Council Meeting.
  • When: Tuesday, October 22nd, starting at 6:30 pm.
  • Where: Morrisville Town Hall, 100 Town Hall Dr, Morrisville, NC. (See below for map)
  • Who: YOU! There is no more important voice in this fight!

Morrisville Town Hall: Map


  • Email and Call:  Individual Members of the Morrisville Town Council
  • Attend The Public Hearing on Oct 22nd: Let the town council know that you will not accept further restrictions pushed by MAIG here in North Carolina.
  • Support GRNC-PVF!: We need your help in defending the Second Amendment! Go to:


Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe:
Telephone 919-677-9153,

Mayor Pro Tem Liz Johnson
Telephone: 919-462-8859

Council Member Michael Schlink
Telephone: 919-244-2041

Council Member Steve Diehl
Telephone: 919-678-8544

Council Member Margaret Broadwell
Telephone: 919-467-1623

Council Member Steve Rao
Telephone: 919-434-5996

Council Member Mark Stohlman
(Note: Stohlman is running against Holcombe in the Nov. 5 mayoral race and indicates he supports us on this issue)
Telephone: 919-949-1403


Suggested Subject: “Say NO to Mayor Holcombe’s MAIG message!”  

To Morrisville Town Council Members:

Dear Council Member,

As a North Carolina gun owner and Concealed handgun Permit holder, I am deeply outraged that the Town of Morrisville is once again considering actions to restrict my ability to defend myself and the lives of my family within town parks and recreational areas. This inane waste of time and resources again being led by Morrisville Mayor Jackie Holcombe is an insult to our community and presents a foretelling of possible future political gamesmanship that we can expect from her and her wealthy anti-second amendment puppet master, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

As you well know, the only people that will be affected by such actions would be law-abiding gun owners, and not the presumptive criminals who you intend to restrict. Criminals, by definition, do not follow laws and will be in no way affected by any proposed restrictions. Law-abiding citizens, however, will be greatly affected if you were to further restrict their ability to protect themselves.

I ask that you reconsider restricting my right to carry as protected under state law which went into effect on October 1st , as is the plan of your anti-Second Amendment Mayor. The laws were passed to ensure that law-abiding citizens had the ability to protect themselves if ever the case should arise. We don’t need the influence of Bloomberg infiltrating our community via the office of the Morrisville Mayor and being allowed free reign to spread his campaign against legal gun ownership within our state.

I ask that you carefully consider this matter and I will be watching your actions carefully through updates from Grass Roots North Carolina.


This alert supporting Mark Stohlman for Mayor was authorized and paid for solely by the Grass Roots North Carolina Political Victory Fund.

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