christian mercenary

by T.L. Davis

A few days ago I wrote the above post full of self, of my own attitudes and baggage. I fluctuate from thinking that what I write helps, that it provides some information, that it leads some to the light of truth. Other times, I think if I am writing I am not doing and doing is what needs to be done. I think that by shutting down the blog and “doing” I can protect those who might be considered co-conspirators. I have struggled with this a lot. 

I am not afraid of the justice system. To be honest, the last thing they want to do is put me in prison with a bunch of other victims of this diseased system. I know the mentality. I have spent a lot of time with ex-cons. While I am not rushing to be imprisoned, I do not fear it. The greatest fear I have is what it does to people I care about, people like my family, like the III. 


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