Gun Buying & Alleged Legal Marijuana Usage, Do You Feel Lucky?

Obama Smoking Weed

Major Van Harl USAF Ret.

When I was a Colorado Ranger we had to deal with medical marijuana and the nice friendly folks (read stoned) using it on the streets of Colorado.

There were all kinds of restrictions on the public use of marijuana, but this did not stop the users from consuming it out in the open. To be quite honest if you were in law enforcement in Colorado you got tired of wasting your time trying to enforce the marijuana laws, so there was a tendency (unofficially of course) to not look real hard for violators.

Now Colorado has recreational marijuana and all bets are off.

People are smoking and toking in public. They are using glass blunts in public and people just don’t care. They love to have their drug usage videoed, to share this experience with the internet world. Creating permanent (nothing goes away online) documentation of their Federal violation of multiple drug laws that could mean prison time.

“What do I care about the Feds man, smoking marijuana is legal in Colorado and I have a state right to do it” says Tommy Toker and future firearms buyer.

Form 4473 line 11 E


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NC Girl
NC Girl
7 years ago

From “Operation Fast & Furious” to “Operation Rope -A- Dope”.