Gun rights group wants Raleigh park signs removed faster

A gun rights group says the City of Raleigh is not moving fast enough to remove city park signs that say concealed guns are not allowed.

North Carolina’s newly expanded concealed carry gun law allows gun owners to carry their weapons onto playgrounds with children.

In a response to a lawsuit threat by gun rights group Grass Roots North Carolina, Raleigh city officials announced they would start removing signs that explicitly ban firearms, concealed or displayed. But the city says its multi-rule signs telling visitors they can’t possess firearms are too costly to replace.

Grass Roots NC is responding by says it’s willing to help by supplying duct tape to the city.

“So they’re gonna come out here to clean up the park, whatever they do, maintenance – so these guys can bring a roll of duct tape and just cover up the part that’s not right – just fix it – I mean how hard is that?” asked Tom Rhyne with Grass Roots NC.


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