Holder Refuses to Say U.S. is at War with Radical Islam

Attorney General Eric Holder on Meet the Press

The Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls, said in a speech Sunday that his country was at war with radical Islam, but U.S. officials refrained from using similar language on Sunday.

When asked by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Attorney General Eric Holder refused to characterize the United States’ fight as one against radical Islam, maintaining that the war was with individuals corrupting the faith.

“Well, I certainly think we are at war with those who would commit terrorist attacks and who would corrupt the Islamic faith in the way that they do to try to justify their terrorist actions. So that’s who we are at war with,” Holder said, “and we are determined to take the fight to them to prevent them from engaging in these kinds of activities.”


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Tom Angle
6 years ago

The so called “radical islam” is islam. It is all the same.