Honor at the Republican National Convention

The only good news concerning the actions of the Republican party at the convention is that some people are actually coming to the realization that you cannot take back something that was never yours to begin with. The grass roots movement to take back the GOP from the bottom up has been a flawed policy that only benefited the Republican elites by giving them more power: at the state and federal level.

Is it our “duty to vote in order to sanctify their behavior” as stated below from the Lew Rockwell article? We first have to understand what duty and honor represent. A simple statement but if we truly understood the concepts as our founding fathers understood them, we would not be discussing the issues that have occurred at the GOP convention. We would also not support the two political parties which are culpable for the problems that our nation is facing.

David DeGerolamo

More GOP Thuggery

From John Tate, Ron Paul’s campaign manager, on convention shenanigans yesterday:

“Properly elected Ron Paul delegates were stripped from us.  And when a motion was made to amend the Credential Committee’s report, it was ignored.  Morton Blackwell, a longtime conservative activist and RNC Rules Committee expert, found himself indefinitely detained — along with the rest of the Virginia delegation.

The RNC bus driver responsible for transporting delegates somehow ‘got lost’ for well over an hour until a critical Rules Committee meeting adjourned.  [The new rules adopted by that committee] are designed to make the Republican Party a top-down organization and strip power away from state parties and grassroots activists of every stripe.  All efforts to vote down these onerous rules were ignored . . . “

Still believe in the god of democracy?  Still believe that your vote “counts”?  Still believe these same GOP hacks when they tell you that it is your “duty” to vote in order to sanctify their behavior?

Thomas DiLorenzo

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