How Did We Get Here?

I read a comm today that asked “How Did We Get Here”. What defines “Here”?

  1. The rioting across the country that is unchecked?
  2. The uncontrolled spending by the government?
  3. The control of our monetary system by bankers?
  4. The indoctrination of our children?
  5. A deep state secret government?
  6. A two-tiered justice system?
  7. A pandemic that is being used to unleash tyranny?
  8. A judiciary controlled by George Soros?
  9. Censorship of people supporting the Constitution?
  10. Abandoning Chrisitianity?

I believe it all comes down to morality. Without a moral basis, we cannot hold a Republic.

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Without a religious foundation, we have no morality and therefore no Constitution. This is a simple fact that the people who overthrew our nation understood very well. It would be easy to point fingers at the church for this failure of responsibility. Our founders trusted the church to product moral citizens and by extension, moral leaders. They failed. But we also have failed since we tolerate widespread evil.

As antifa beats people preaching the Word of God, the nation cowers. At this point, it may not matter how we got here but how we regain the soul of the country. I know that the path is clear to attain this goal. It will not be easy and the temptation to lose sight of justice for vengeance is a real threat. If we are going to restore a moral foundation, our actions must also be moral.

Today, only one side is fighting the civil war. I doubt this will continue much longer as the executive branch of the government fails in its duty to enforce the rule of law. I know another “fact”: begging your oppressors to stop never works.

David DeGerolamo

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