How Do We Know Who to Vote for If You Keep Changing Your Endorsements?


Vance Patterson: 10th Congressional District –
North Carolina


Challenger, seeking to unseat 3rd term incumbent
Patrick McHenry (R)

Republican Primary Election: May 4th, 2010


The above endorsement is from iCaucus from 2010:

The iCaucus site currently lists Dr. Dan Eichenbaum as the endorsed candidate.  Due to redistricting, Vance Patterson is running in the 11th district against Mark Meadows in a run off primary. Asheville Tea Party stated on May 21st that the two candidates were tied in the vetting process:

The iCaucus vetting process yielded a dead even tie between Mark Meadows and Vance Patterson. Thus, iCaucus and the Affiliate Groups did not endorse one over the other for the primary.

But Asheville Tea Party (an affiliate group of iCaucus) has endorsed Mark Meadows for this seat:

Tea Party Backs Candidates in GOP July 17th Primary Run-Off

Five candidates in the Republican primary run-off on July 17th have been endorsed by the Asheville Tea Party Political Action Committee (ATPAC).

The candidates and offices are: Mark Meadows for NC 11 Congressional seat; Dan Forest for Lieutenant Governor; Ed Goodwin for Secretary of State; Mike Causey for Insurance Commissioner; and John Tedesco for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I wish iCaucus and its members in North Carolina would agree on whom they think the people should vote for. A search on “It is with regret that the iCaucus Executive Board has made the decision to remove Mr. Patterson from the vetting process“, did not yield any results from iCaucus,but it did give a result from Caldwell Tea Party’s statement concerning this issue. So should members of the 11th Congressional district vote for Patterson or Meadows: the sheep want to know.

I suggest that people read “Animal Farm” concerning the consequences of trading one set of masters for another set. When will we learn our lesson that we get the government we deserve unless we stand up and act responsibly as individuals?

David DeGerolamo

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iCaucus? Or Their-Caucus? In Kansas, that’s not clear, as ill-founded un-endorsement is close to occurring.

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9 years ago

ICaucus does new endorsements for each election cycle. This only makes sense since there may be different challengers each year. There were also major changes this year with redistricting.

The Patterson endorsement was for the 2010 campaign which is why it says he was challenging McHenry in the 10th district and the primary date is May 4, 2010.

The Meadows endorsement is for 2012 and it’s for the 11th district, not the 10th. McHenry is still in the 10th district, but Patterson and Meadows are in the 11th district this year.

I haven’t been keeping up with ICaucus lately, but looking back through my emails I have the invitations to vote in the vetting process back in April but I don’t see any results or official ICaucus endorsement. My guess is they may not have had enough responses to make an official endorsement which is why the Asheville Tea Party made their own endorsement.

Getting involved and making your own decisions rather than being a sheeple means getting involved in the process and actually reading the information you find instead of just reading the headlines. If you’re going to rely on endorsements you’d better do your homework to find out how the group makes endorsement decisions so you know whether or not you agree with them.