How Important Is the Hispanic Vote in the 2012 Presidential Elections?

LA mayor Villaraigosa will chair the DNC Convention in Charlotte in September. As the president continues to divide our nation upon racial lines, this appointment is an attempt to secure the Hispanic vote. Someone forgot to tell the president that a large percentage of Hispanics are practicing Catholics who will not forgive his open attempts on religion. If Obama wins re-election by buying votes and racebaiting, there will be no hope for our nation’s future.

David DeGerolamo

L.A. mayor tapped as Democratic convention chair

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was formally picked today to chair the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, as both parties fight for Hispanic voters in key swing states.

Villaraigosa, first elected mayor in 2005, will preside over the convention being held Sept. 3-7 in North Carolina that will nominate President Obama for a second term.

Obama won 67% of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 elections. That same percentage of Latino voters said they would vote for Obama over Mitt Romney, in a Univision-ABC News pollconducted in January.

Population growth in swing states such as Colorado, Florida and Nevada, however, puts the Hispanic vote in play for the 2012 elections, especially in the decisive battleground states.

And with pocketbook concerns consistently a top concern among all voters, a recent Pew Hispanic Center poll is notable. A majority of Latinos, or 54%, say they’ve been harder hit by the economy than any other group.

“At this convention we want to engage Americans in a conversation about how we can strengthen the country in a way that creates more opportunity for all,” Villaraigosa said in a statement.

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