How Much Longer Does North Carolina Have to Endure Renee Ellmers?

Renee Ellmers calls Laura Ingraham “small-minded”, “ignorant” for opposing amnesty

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7 years ago

as someone who works in the poultry industry, if all these immigrants “walked” tomorrow, you’d see this state and others in a world of shit in about two to three weeks. tens of millions of birds would have to be slaughtered and disposed of at the farm leading to a mega crisis. don’t let your hatred of mrs. ellmers cloud the reality david.

7 years ago

“Renee Ellmers has been a disgrace for the people of North Carolina. She represents everything that is wrong with the Republican machine in Washington, D.C.”

David DeGerolamo

different david? my point is this, washington politicians turned their backs while millions of people came into this country illegally. these people had kids, lots of kids, all of whom are citizens. now if you take mom and dad out and bus them back to mexico, what do the kids do? many of whom are now grown adults. what happens david when 50% of a companies “legal” work force decides not to show up? if your making plastic crap, no big deal. if your a food processing company? well, now it gets a little more difficult. the farmers can’t keep these birds forever. the money flow, while we’re waiting for the free market to work, the system grinds to a halt.

there’s no one waiting in line to slaughter chickens, again, dc has made it to easy to sit home and collect a check. politicians made this brother. renee is not a politician, she’s a nurse. i will concede that she needs to move away from the gop. far away. that’s where we come in. to remind her, before it’s to late, that she works for us, not the republicans, not the gop, not the federal govt.. hell, i’ve told hagan and cooper both that they need to just on up the highway to md or dc.
you do good work david, i use your site as a reference often. personally? i’m waiting for the war.

7 years ago

The Phony Rightwing supports amnesty for up to 50 million -- this one is willing to admit it..

btw…its not only about jobs -- these invaders are collecting Welfare and SSI…

thank both parties