How Much Will the “Moral Monday” Protestors’ Demands Cost You?


The Evil known as Rev. Barber

The “Moral Monday” protestors, led by the state chapter of the NAACP, have a list of demands that, if implemented, would cost North Carolina taxpayers nearly $3 billion dollars now. That figure would likely grow each year going forward as government programs expand. The $3 billion figure represents about 15 percent of the current state budget.

It’s very easy for NAACP head William Barber and his followers to make demands knowing that others would have to foot the bill, all under the guise of “morality.”

Last year, we exposed how the leaders of the Monday protests milked taxpayers for more than $100 million in recent years. Now we are showing how their demands would blow a hole in the state budget and require crushing taxes that would devastate the state’s economy.

The list of complaints presented by the Moral Monday crowd and the state NAACP are long, and most involve reaching into taxpayers’ wallets. For instance, a look at the state NAACP’s website shows a list of demands the group would like enacted. Their “14-Point People’s Agenda” actually includes 62 action items, most of which would cost “the people” of North Carolina more tax dollars.

In fact, that $3 billion estimate is based on a partial list of demands for which a cost estimate could readily be made.


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8 years ago

Looks like the Cloward/Piven forces are on a roll with the Moral Monday crowd