How We Can Stop Obamacare in North Carolina

From William Kennedy

Dr. Greg Brannon (websiteFacebook) will be giving a special presentation at Nullify Now! October 19th in Raleigh, NC: How the States can Stop Obamacare.


While much of the attention has been focused on the Defund Obamacare effort in Congress (which Greg has spoken strongly in favor of), there is much that can and should be done at the state level to pull the rug out from under this unconstitutional federal act.

Greg ROCKED the “Defund Obamacare” rally in Kinston recently. As he told the crowd…“Life, Liberty, and Property are ALL under attack in the healthcare bill. If the government really had an interest in our inalienable rights, as the Declaration of Independence said it should, then Congress would have never passed this bill, the President should have never signed the bill, and the Supreme Court should have declared it unconstitutional. Our system failed on 3 levels!”

In his presentation on October 19th in Raleigh, Greg will share with you the ways your state should be stepping in to help protect your liberty. From rejecting participation in the unconstitutional federal acts to other ways of interposing as the founders advised, this is an event that health freedom advocates should NOT miss!

Feeling compelled to take action, in 2009 Greg Brannon began a mission to humbly communicate our Founders message with the desire to ensure that the American Dream, which he has been fortunate to live, will be available to future generations.

Greg has sought to enable North Carolinian’s to hold tightly to their individual Right to the American Dream through the tenacity of Truth found in our nation’s founding documents.

Greg and his wife, Jody, have been married for 25 years and have 7 children. Greg and Jody are committed to their community and helping others.


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8 years ago

Every state in the union should utilize the 10th amendment, and nullify this terrible law.