How Will Your Teen Behave When The SHTF?

This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at The Organic Prepper

Will your teen behave like…well, a teen…when the SHTF?

I watched the National Geographic show American Blackout on Sunday night with a friend.  This part in particular got us thinking about the psychology of teenagers and young adults.

Let’s be realistic about teenagers.

If you have one, know one, or have been one, you know that they are a breed apart.  Most of this is a mixture of biology and psychology, and it affects different kids to different degrees.

Some merely find their parents to be rather embarrassing, others think mom and dad are complete idiots, and then you have teens who are outright rebels.

If your child attends a public school, watches television, hangs out with other kids, or has any exposure to popular culture whatsoever, you can be assured that society is trying to create kinder, gentler children, aka sheep who will be easily led to slaughter.  They are taught to fear the very word “gun” through the ridiculous zero tolerance policies, like the one at a Texas school which recently punished a student for wearing a t-shirt with a Bible verse and the words, “God, Guns, Country” on the sleeve, because it might “incite fear” among the students.


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