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Last week was amazing. Tens of thousands of people took the 99% Spring training to get ready for a coming season of action and protest. Some trainings had as many as 500 people. But this isn’t about size. It’s about organizing and bringing together the 99% wherever they are:

I facilitated a training today that drew in all of seven people. I know it’s not as big as many of the other trainings going on in the 99% Spring this week, but here in Roswell, a very small, very conservative town in New Mexico, it really made a difference. Half way through the training, we all paused to wonder at the six other people in the room. “I can’t believe you’re here!” said one of us. “I thought I was the only one who felt the way I do. I thought I was alone.” We all felt that way. But not anymore.

— Betty M., doctor, 99% Spring facilitator, mother of Occupier

And here’s some good news: if you missed the trainings last week, it’s not too late. And now it’s even easier — you can now take the training online. Do it this week, before it’s too late to join in the hundreds of actions that are starting soon.

The 99% Spring training prepares you with knowledge: about our economy; the history of non-violent action; and planning for action this Spring. We have a movement-wide goal to train 100,000 activists. Will you join in?

Check out the 99% Spring’s online training and let’s get to 100,000 strong.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be engaging in a massive wave of actions to hold the 1% accountable — targeting corporations like Bank of America and Wells Fargo for their greed and fraud in the mortgage crisis, and Sallie Mae for the way they profiteer unfairly from student loans.

For this movement to be successful, we’ve got to have a shared story and a shared plan of action. That’s exactly what these trainings are for.

Last week, we gathered across the country in homes, places of worship, campuses, and on the streets. These online trainings will give you the same info, but you can do it from your computer at home.

Throughout the training, you’ll be able to chat with the trainers and others doing the training, see your progress, and recruit your friends to join you. When you’re done with the training, you can organize your own action on the 99% Spring website.

And if you already took part in a training last week, this is a great chance to recruit friends to do the same.

Check out the training now and invite friends to join you in this second phase of our movement for the 99%.

These trainings are a big collaboration of dozens of people-powered groups, of which Rebuild the Dream is just one. Thousands of Rebuild the Dream members took the training last week, and thousands more will this week. It’s an inspiring project, and I hope you join in. See you online this week, and in the streets this Spring.


Caroline and the team at Rebuild the Dream Innovation Fund

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