I Guess Marriage Is Against Communist Principles Now

Recently, President Barack Obama made his voice heard and came out against Amendment One. Amendment One is a proposed constutional change that would threaten the rights of same sex couples, and would have serious harmful consequences for thousands of families in North Carolina – gay or straight.
The North Carolina Democratic Party is firmly committed to fighting against any proposal that would harm children, seniors or families. That is why NCDP passed a resolution and we are encouraging all Democrats in our state to vote against Amendment One on May 8th to keep North Carolina on the right side of history.
We need your help! Please click the button below to volunteer to help us work the polls on Election Day! 
This election is winnable, but we need your help.  The early voting peroid begins in just a few days — please join us in defeating Amendment One by clicking the button above to become a poll worker today!
David Parker
North Carolina Democratic Party
P.S. Amendment One is such a bad idea that even conservtative leaders have come out against it! Sign up to help us defeat it today!
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Cliff Muncy
10 years ago

I tend to believe that the government should stay out of this institution altogether. The government does not define marriage, as God has already done so for us. I’m not sure if I would prefer such a vile system to have the power of making such decisions.