I Have A Question for the Democrat Presidential Candidates

Every Communist Democrat 2020 Presidential candidate has explained why the economy of the United States is a failure. They tell us that we must vote for them in order to fix it for the common man.

So here is my question:

If the Obama Messiah is taking credit for our economic miracle, how do they rationalize their position that the economy is bad?

David DeGerolamo

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1 year ago

Your question is an excellent question. The problem is that 45+ percent of the peoples eyes are glazed over already. Cheating will most likely take care of the balance. Trump is the best thing to happen to the Presidency in this and the last century but, the dem’s own the deep state. Trump has his work cut out for him. I hope the people stand tall with Trump in 2020! I don’t think I would relax at any point in this campaign cycle.

1 year ago

A guy, writing under the name” The Italian Meat Sauce” just posted this response on today’s(Feb19th) edition of Stilton Jarlesberg’s political humor site:

“Hold on, it turns out that Hussein Obama happens to actually be a brilliant economist.
He implemented his secret economic plan, which created eight years of the worst recovery in our nations history, causing most of our citizens to suffer…only to have it completely turn around under his successor’s watch. There are people walking around with PhDs in Economics that couldn’t have come up with this scheme.”

IMHO this is a perfect response to the Indonesian Dual Citizen Usurper’s lying and the propaganda media’s fawning over his hubris….