I Have Seen The Future And It Is Sandy – T.L. Davis

Sandy and Katrina before it exposes human nature for what it is. We are, at our base, desperate and violent animals. It is capitalism, hard work and ingenuity that change the human animal into the humane animal, but it does not work without wealth. Those without will take and if they have to fight to get it, they will.

These catastrophes only foreshadow the inevitable economic collapse. It can be instructive to see how people act when they cannot get fuel, when they have no electricity, when they can’t charge the phones on which they have become so dependent. It will get worse.

I have a little bit different take on the dependency of the American people. I think it is good. The more people who are dependent upon government the better. Why? Well, two reasons. First, the more people are dependent upon government and it continues to take more and supply more, the faster it will come unravelled. Second, when the government has created dependents, it has also created adversaries during times of stress? Who will they attack when the goods are not supplied?


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