I was just hit with 29% inflation

The only good news I have is that my chickens love cicadas. I will be bug hunting over the next few weeks.

David DeGerolamo

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1 month ago

I haven’t seen blueprints for this in any other place but I have a homestead book from the 70’s. A light bulb was placed inside a box. One side was open enough to let light out. Opposite that side a squirrel cage fan was placed with a nylon stocking on the exhaust side to capture bugs attracted to the light.

1 month ago

SOUTHERN PREPPER,..you ain’t seen nothing yet,THEIR BOGAS PIPELINE HACK IS TOTAL BS,they turned it off,and WHEN they turn it back on,EVERYONE WILL BE PAYING DOUBLE FOR GAS AND DIESEL..they pulled the same shit in 1972,shortage,then major price increase,and ITS ABOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN..

1 month ago
Reply to  arizona

Yes, and I couldn’t believe I was paying 55 cents a gallon! Robbery!