I Wonder…

I wonder why political officials call adults and children who are enslaved and forced to perform sexual acts “human trafficking” instead of slavery?

I wonder why political officials call illegal aliens “undocumented immigrants”?

I wonder what my “fair share” of taxation is since no politician will define it. I am not counting Occasional Cortex since she is mentally incapacitated.

I wonder why people think they can vote the Deep State out of office?

I wonder why the French have more backbone than Americans?

I wonder why politicians cannot understand what “shall not be infringed” means?

I wonder why the executive branch of the government does not rein in the FBI and Department of Justice?

I wonder why people still believe Q when his predictions have not materialized?

I wonder why Hillary Clinton has not be tried, convicted and sentenced to death for treason?

But I mostly wonder what it will take to regain our God given rights as free men and women?

David DeGerolamo

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2 years ago

There is only one way… Violence and Bloodshed. The Tree Of Liberty must be Refreshed preferably with Tyrants blood and very little Patriot blood.

2 years ago

Excellent questions David! Keep it up.

“I wonder why the executive branch of the government does not rein in the FBI and Department of Justice?”
I have pondered that same question and a few of your other good questions many times.

What is of the utmost importance for the lobbyists /politicians/political parties? Winning elections! The same old, same old constant daily media scandals are the best bait pieces to use to hook and rope their supporters and new voters in order to hold power and grow their Uniparty tent.

Does the President actually believe the only way he can save the Republic is to grow his Republican voter base before the next election? I would definitely say yes. If it were not true, he would have executed our laws immediately by prosecuting the treasonous deep state criminals.
Does the President realize his executive orders can be rewritten, abolished, by any of our future Presidents elected into office?
So, what strategy does the President use to satisfy and grow his voter base? Let us look at his twitter feed. Is the President concerned that he might lose future Democrat, Marxist voters if he were to rein in the FBI and dept. of Justice? Possibly. How many years in the past have we had Kabuki theater investigations that play out to be “nothing burgers” all for the sake of winning elections?

Should a President make a deal with Socialists, Marxists and Communists?
Lets make a deal with the Democrat Socialist party, Marxists?
All votes count when it comes to Uniparty elections.
5 U.S. Code § 3110 -- Employment of relatives; restrictions …
VP Pence Leads Shutdown Negotiations As Trump Says ‘Not Much …
Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen and adviser Jared Kushner spoke to senior Congressional staffers on day 15 of the government shutdown. Aides had earlier called the meeting “productive” and said another was scheduled for Sunday.

Why won’t the President dissolve his extra-constitutional administration departments?
5 U.S. Code § 3110 -- Employment of relatives; restrictions
Launch of Ivanka Trump’s global women’s economic empowerment push delayed amid government shutdown
WASHINGTON (AP) — Ivanka Trump is set to launch a White House effort aimed at women’s global economic empowerment in early 2019.

Where are the brave men today, you know the ones who mirror our founding fathers. The ones who constantly say they hold the Constitution dear to their heart, who bloat to no end that they, the dream preppers will restore the Republic when the shite hits the fan.
Why aren’t those so called brave heart constitutionalists working in their State militias to protect their sovereign borders? Where are those men?

The Constitution will never enforce itself, it takes brave men, women to do so! If only they would use it.