III Pioneer Project

We have decided to build a firearms company as an industry around which to build a haven for Liberty in Idaho: The Citadel.

There is a lot of distance between now and then (Like how I mixed Time and Space there?). Much can happen, and failure is free while success will cost us all.

I see a walled town, much like many small planned communities around the country today. Our Citadel will have a retail town center, restaurants, dress shops, bakeries, and any other type of retail you’ll find in Anywhere USA.

I see parks, walking/running/bicycle trails. I see a small commercial office/industrial part of town. I see large swaths of pines and open areas to ensure we do not ever feel cramped.

I see a bastion for Liberty and Free Enterprise, where every single one of you will have the opportunity to begin any company you have ever dreamed of owning.

High along the rear wall of the Citadel, I see the III Arms Company factory, standing Sentinel over the town of Patriots below.

I see strong, fortified and well-designed residential for at least 3000 households. Condos, maybe townhomes, single family homes of various sizes, and even a residential section below the grass for those who want the added comfort of sleeping below ground. 

Also underground, the facilities every Patriot wants for his family when SHTF.

All of this will be behind the protection of a genuine curtain wall, circling the town and taking full advantage of topography. Beyond the walls will be more Citadel property with more homes, orchards, eventually giving way to the private propery of ranchers and farmers.

Should the need arise, our people come into town and we close the gates, and the Hordes suck wind while we enjoy our safety and our preps, our electricity and sanitation.

And when the gate is open, tourism is but one stream of revenue available for those who call the Citadel home. Idaho is home to big skiing, hunting, world-class fishing.

And the one thing you will never find: A Liberal Resident of the Citadel.

Dare to imagine going through every day of your life, from morning coffee to your business day, to teacher conferences, and not having to endure one single Liberal, and never having them anywhere near your children.

And the cherry on top: The Citadel will attract Patriotic Americans. Your neighbors will naturally be the kind of Americans you want at your shoulder and covering your back.

A small, high quality firearm manufacturing facility (with complementary ammo sideline) turning out III Branded utilitarian firearms is our baseline requirement. Once we have that support infrastructure, you can expect me to move quickly and get this turned into reality, where Patriotic folks can come, have a place to live in as much Liberty and Freedom as possible while having a reliable, satisfying job/career for security.

We will start with a simple firearm town.

Where we go is up to us.

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