I’ll Be Back When There’s More To Say In Other Ways

by Doug “Uncola” Lynn:

First of all, let me say this:  I’m not going anywhere. I plan to be here corresponding with the contacts through my blog while reading and commenting on websites like Zero Hedge and the Burning Platform.  And I MIGHT be posting articles as I can this summer, but definitely not as long or detailed as most of my previous writings. I am actually only three posts away from 200 original articles written since September of 2016 and I hope to complete that milestone as soon as possible.

But, to explain my situation, I’ll repeat what I’ve written before

I’m somewhat comfortable from an asset standpoint, but having gone Galt in 2011 with no pension and being too young to draw social security, I am often cash poor personally – especially getting pups through college debt free, taking risks, occasional business setbacks, and unexpected brush fires.

Although I am fortunate to have lived a great life with few regrets… if I could have one do-over… I may not have went Galt quite so soon. I also missed out on a decade of stock market returns because I never dreamed the bubble could have been sustained for this long. Even so, from a Dow Jones perspective, I still believe 11 years early is better than one minute late.

But now I have a kid getting married this fall so I’ve agreed to help out a former vendor of mine by driving a 10-speed triaxle dump truck (6AM to 6PM) two to three days a week this summer for ten weeks.   I’ll be fairly compensated and it will be a fun way to help pay for some of the wedding expenses on behalf of the young couple.

Additionally, this favor will help me to barter towards a material possession I want from my friend who promised me a steal on the item because he is short on drivers and needs the help this summer.

It’s honest work, for the right reasons, and I’m glad to do it.

The downside, however, is that I’m busy enough during the summer months as it is, let alone working two to three (twelve-hour) days a week on a side gig. This means I will not be able to post the kinds of articles I might have, otherwise, posted over these next few months.

This is because America won’t be saved.  It’s a numbers game and the demographics aren’t there. Besides, there isn’t much left to save. And it doesn’t matter whether the nation died by accident or design. It’s a half-rotted whale on the beach and fighting to get it back into the water does nothing. You might as well plant a dead tree in good soil or a dying flower in contaminated dirt.

Read the Whole Article Here…

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20 days ago

I agree with this article about as much as any other article I have ever read. The end game has always been a one world government, elites and serfs, nowhere to run. It required the destruction of the U.S., and in particular, the upwardly mobile U.S. middle class. The people who had dreams and worked to make them happen which propelled the U.S. into the greatest country in the world. While I would like to believe that enough people see the light and will do something about the direction we are heading in, I just don’t see it. My decision is to do what the left has done and work to undermine the NWO plot. If along with a point where voting matters in the future or some other option appears viable, what takes place in small areas eating away at the power of the NWO, will only help take the U.S. back. It is not hiding out, it is doing something and something that is realistic and planned. Never underestimate the power of the gray man/woman. =====

20 days ago

I went Galt ten years ago and never regretted it. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy knowing I no longer contribute to the system, but am a burden to it, all the while improving my mental health and my homestead! I spent my covid bonus on wind and solar!

Stan Sylvester
Stan Sylvester
19 days ago

I’ve been awake since around 2010. Looking back, we’ve had a tremendous amount of writers and web sites and not enough foot soldiers. At some point you are preaching to the choir. In the book of Acts, each one reached one, those two reached two, those 4….. you get the picture. Nothing wrong with continuing to learn and grow but I don’t think there were enough foot soldiers reaching out to get the numbers we needed to overcome the tide of tyranny. I would love to be wrong.