I’m Calling BS!

Want to bootstrap your way straight to Matt Bracken’s predicted “Bosnia, times Rwanda”…?
Try to undo the 2016 election by anything other than winning in 2020.
Opened a newspaper lately, Leftards? Good luck with that plan.

Try to shortcut it with an impeachment, and it won’t be one guy with an AK-47 at a softball game.

It will be 150M guys with nothing to lose.


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4 years ago

One could only hope … But alas there’s not enough gonads in the whole collective group to do anything more than talk big after 10 beers and within their own company. No way they’re ever spout it in the street where they may have to back it up with pain and violence .. mostly cause it’s so much easier to type on the keyboard and not suffer a nosebleed or worse .