Immigration and the North Carolina General Assembly

Below is a list of the immigration bills that have been filed so far in the NC House and NC Senate. I have also included the link to the committee/subcommittee where the bills are now. 

Please take a few minutes to contact the members of those committees and ask them to vote on the immigration bills listed.

If we want tougher immigration laws in NC, it’s going to take a little work by the people (you). Do not let this opportunity to make a difference pass us by!

Thank you,
James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
NCFIRE Hotline: 1-888-885-0879 

(The bill numbers are also links. They take you to the NC General Assembly webpage for the bill itself in case you want to see who sponsored/cosponsored it)

HB11– No Postsecondary Education/Illegal Aliens- Committee on Education– member list:
HB28– DHHS to Provide Law Enforcement Information- Committee On Judiciary Subcommittee B– member list:

HB33– State Law to Provide for Acceptable ID’s- Committee On Judiciary– member list:
HB36– Public Contracts/Illegal Immigrants- Committee on Government– member list:
HB198– Alien Attendance Lapses/Reporting Required- Committee On Education– member list:
SB179– Failure to Carry or Complete Alien Reg. Docs- Committee On Rules and Operations of the Senate– member list:
SB204– Public Entities & Contractors/Use E-Verify- Filed in the Senate not yet sent to committee

SB205No Benefits For Illegal Aliens- Filed in the Senate not yet sent to committee
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