Implications of Cell Phones in Ukrainian Near-Civil War


by Sam Culper III

I’ve been loosely following developments in Ukraine, and have watched protests slowly evolve into riots and then real fighting between protesters and security forces.  There’s a very real possibility that Ukraine is in a civil war.  Parts of Kyiv (the capital; Ukrainian spelling, not Russian) look like something out of Mad Max.  (To catch up, refer toEuromaidan.)  In short, the battle is over with which side Ukraine will align herself: the European Union or Russia.

The Ukrainian government already tried banning protests, which didn’t work out too well for them.  Then the New York Times posted this news article today.  Something really stood out to me:

…on Tuesday, sending cellphone messages to people standing in the vicinity of the fighting saying, “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”


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