In regards to VIPR teams

The following response concerning VIPR teams come from a Free man in Pennsylvania:

Now to my response when I find one of these criminal enterprises in action:

1) I have a smart phone with the ability to live feed video to the internet, and it will be rolling and feeding before I come to a stop at said checkpoint.

2) I will knowingly submit to some violations of my G*d-given and unalienable rights in order to be allowed to pass through this checkpoint.

3) Even though I will eventually submit, I will put up a verbal fight and get as close to the line of being arrested as I feel comfortable doing without actually getting arrested.

4) I am breaking no laws for which they can legally arrest me (While Open Carry is legal without a license in Pennsylvania, being inside a vehicle is considered concealed and therefore requires a license in accordance with state law. I have a valid License to Carry Firearms issued in Pennsylvania.)

5) After I am ‘cleared’ to go about my business, I will deliver any non-combatants from my vehicle to a safe location and I will return from a distance… there will be no live video feed of any further actions, but there may be video of one form or another available at a later date.

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9 years ago