India Is Reporting That the Man Who Died by Self-immolation Was African-American

The following report from India has a strange hypothesis: the government shutdown is starting an African-American revolt. I disagree: Obama is trying to instigate civil unrest throughout the entire population. However, this is the first news site that I found stating that the man who set himself on fire at the National Mall was black.

David DeGerolamo

Warning bells: Is US shutdown brewing African-American revolt?

The US government shutdown enters its fifth day, a week after the horrific carnage by a mentally ill African-American man in which he kills a dozen people before he is cut down by police. An emotionally unstable African-American woman crashes a security fence near the White House and leads a hair-trigger alert cops on a high-speed car chase before she is mowed down by cops using overwhelming force.

On Friday, another man, also African-American, pours gasoline on himself in front of the Capitol sets fire to himself in a rare attempt at self-immolation in the United States. It is not clear if the effort, foiled by passers-by, is related to the shutdown, but a visitor from more turbulent parts of the globe may well think the US is going the way of the Third World, given the kind of unrest that is roiling Washington DC.


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