Inflation Watch: The U.S. Has Spent $10 TRILLION in the Last 12 Months

If the Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Program is signed into law, the U.S. will have spent nearly $10 TRILLION in a single year.

Yes, Trillion with a “T”

This is:

1)    Equal to the GDPs of Japan, Germany and the U.K. combined.

2)    More than the U.S. has spent during the last FIVE recessions combined.

3)    More than the combined annual wages of all Americans.

That last one really gets me. If you add up all the money earned via wages by Americans in the 12 months, the U.S. Government has spent more money than that!  

And finally, the ultimate jaw dropper…

The U.S. government will have spent an amount roughly equal to 50% of its GDP… in a single year. 

And it’s going to unleash an inflationary storm.

Gold figured this out first, roaring to new all-time highs.



Their goal is to steal all of our wealth to gain complete control of our lives, our religious facilities and our children’s future.

David DeGerolamo

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[…] Inflation Watch: The U.S. Has Spent $10 TRILLION in the Last 12 Months […]

7 months ago

Prepare for the collapse brought on by the democrats

7 months ago

Someone else was Pres. for 3/4 of the past year.

Just sayin’

7 months ago

You are being ruled by mentally ill people. Don’t know what else to tell ya?

7 months ago

The best advice I can give to anybody reading this is go to Isrealelect website and click on Sheldon Emery . Then his textual studies. I was a strict fundamentalist Baptist. Then I learned the truth of who we really are , and what is comming.start with why we believe…