INSURRECTION USA: Exposing the Radicals’ Dangerous Agenda to Burn America

The looting, the destruction, the deadly violence. President Trump was right: Insurrection IS upon us, and everything that Glenn has been warning us about for a decade is here. Glenn exposes how organized Marxist revolutionaries have hijacked the George Floyd protests for a darker agenda. He rips off the masks to reveal their connections, who is funding them, and their strategy to attack our republic.

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Shinmen Takezo
Shinmen Takezo
1 year ago

A few years ago I wanted desperately to punch Glenn Beck in the face for that Cheetos stunt he pull before the November 2016. Now it seems he’s redeemed himself regarding his opinion about President Trump--a 180 degree turn-around for him.

When Glenn makes these analysis shows, he lays out the fact like Perry Mason and his fact cannot be disputed with the ongoing insurrection. He misses the point with the alleged ‘peaceful protesters,’ BLM, ANTIFA and other communist organizations.

FYI, BLM, ANTIFA and other leftists organization are working secretly in tandem to foment sedition and insurrection.

The alleged peaceful protesters are just the ‘useful dupes’ swelling the minuscule numbers of BLM, ANITFA and other subversive groups. It is a wink-wink, nudge-nudge cozy relationship between these groups. The useful dupes serve as shields and cover for the ANTIFA action squads to move in and start the window breaking, signaling the hood-rat looters who move with the protesters to swarm in and begin a shopping spree--at the end an ANTIFA arson squad (trained in this) comes in to start the fires.

Don’t be fooled by these so-called peaceful protesters--they are all leftist/radicals supporting a communist/socialist agenda.

Shinmen Takezo
Shinmen Takezo
1 year ago

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